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Sacra Forma 2024

Sacra Forma

The proposal

The Sacra Forma project aims to set up a multidisciplinary artistic training experience within the framework of the Sacra Experience and complementing the Sacra Forma project. Sacra Festival. A training programme made up of different modules that will take place between February and October, with artists and professionals from different disciplines, knowledge and approaches.

A programme to be held in a privileged natural setting, with open classrooms and specialised training for a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 15.

The spaces

The workshops will be held in different natural spaces of the Ribeira Sacra del Miño, in collaboration with local and cultural initiatives, such as the Cinema Palleiriso, La Sala de Chantada or the space of the old oven of Lugar de Pincelo, as well as other open-air enclaves in the area, during the summer months.

A meeting for creation

Sacra Forma proposes to establish an encounter between creators and interested people for the exchange of experiences and favouring introspection and research. A space that is well cared for, sustainable and integrated into the environment to make creation possible, in collaboration with national and international artists of the highest level.

Sacra Forma 2024

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